Happy New Years

a new year and a new hope that somehow we will overcome past difficulties. I personally am glad that 2016 is over and done. good riddance. a year where police lives  didn’t matter, criminals ran rampant, crybabies needed safe rooms and terrorists were paid off.  with a new year there is new hope that somehow things will be better. I’m not talking about resolutions that will quickly be forgotten but a hope that the righteous will overcome and those who call evil good will be judged. is that asking too much?

going into the presidential election in november, I had no hope that this country would turn around. i thought things would decline and we would go into obscurity as a nation that WAS. But something very strange happened. a man, who most said didn’t have a change in hell of winning, did! He came out of no where and ran a race that spoke to millions. he captured the heart of the american people and fought through several “tried” politicians and through many rounds of debate and primary’s. and he won. and with that win, i had a glimpse of hope. no, he wasnt my candidate. not the one that i had originally voted for but in the end when the choice was between this man and a woman i believed to be evil and a criminal, there was no choice really. I voted for Donald Trump.

and though I know what would have been if Clinton had won, I am not sure what the next four years will bring. but i have hope….and if that hope is soon quenched then so be it. for my only true hope is in God. Who i know without a shadow of doubt IS in control. for he knows the beginning from the end and i am held in his hands and nothing comes into my life that is not filtered through his fingers held in his love.

will Donal Trump make a great president? only time will tell. but isn’t it strange that he came out of nowhere to win the presidency of the united states? against all odds and popular favorite? when all the polls said he didn’t have a chance. and he was the laughing-stock of all the media? yet he won. some say by the hand of God. (which I too believe, for God raises up, and God lies low).  and so, we will all have to wait and see what this new year will bring. but I have hope…