listen to the wind

have you just sat and listened to the wind?

listen to the wind

the rustling of leaves

so many different shades of green and turn orange and red

squirrels busy gathering nuts for winter

a man alone walking through the grass

a red tail hawk perches high in a tree

waiting patiently for a meal

the silence is peaceful

the sound of distant traffic in the background-hums

the gently rolling hills of the park where I sit add

texture and depth and shadows to what I see

wishing now I had brought my drawing pad

the air is chilly now and not much sun

October is just around the corner

soon all of this will be gone

winter will set in

the trees will be bare

and the grass covered in snow

but for now I sit and enjoy the last vestige of a fall day

listening to the wind and in the quiet of the moment

I hear that still small voice

“be still! and know that I love you!”


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